Andresen Colheita 1992

2012-12-06 15.08.59This wine company was founded in the distant year of 1845 by a Danish Oevenum, Jann Hinrich Andresen and today retains the name of its founder. With over 5 million liters in stock where we can find a greater quantity of tawny Port.  JHAndresen was in 2007, the first company to launch to the market, a white Port wine blend, a 10 years old.

This Colheita 1992 has cloudy amber color. Stuffy nose with great complexity. Walnut aroma, almonds. In the mouth it’s full, oily and with high acidity. Long finish.


Burmester Colheita 1937


The relationship between Burmester and Port wine, has been known since 1750 when Burmester & Nash began their trade business. Since then, there have been many changes in the constitution and dissolution of companies related to the sector and with the name Burmester under seal. However, and after more than 250 years, and being a Sogevinus Group’s property, Burmester is one of the references, particularly regarding “Colheita” style, whose wine from a single year and aged in small oak casks of 550 lt is bottled at least at the end of seven years.

In the case of this particular Colheita from 1937, we are talking about a wine of excellence. It presents a very clear and amber color which aroma is very intense and complex, full of nuts, caramel, orange and some figs. In the mouth we find an endless explosion of flavors. Walnuts, almonds, figs, all very balanced. Divine.


Poças Colheita 1994

Manoel D. Poças Junior, Lda. was set as a society in 1942 by Manoel Poças, his wife and their two daugthters after he got some experience working in different wine companies. Since then we’ve been seeing that Poças label has reached so many markets and huge quality wines, mainly through their Colheitas.

This 1994 has a deep caramel color with brick color hints. Intense aroma of nuts and caramel. Beautiful structure, softness and persistence. Very interesting.