Vasconcellos Porto tawny

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Tawny Port bottled by CCVP in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Old fashioned Port with a light brownish color and tea aromas. In the mouth we can feel low structure as well as acidity. Almost without flavour.



Quinta da Romaneira Vintage 1985

Quinta da Romaneira Vintage 1985

Romaneira is one of the most important estates of Douro valley which limits if we can say occupy a huge quantity of ha near the Douro river.

From a very interesting year this vintage wine from Romaneira estate had better years. We can say that is full of dried fruits, spices and it’s very smooth although it isn’t my kind of vintage. Usually I prefer Powerfull new vintages or complex ones from older years.


Kopke 10 years old Port

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Established in 1638 by Christiano Kopke and his son, Kopke is the oldest Port wine company. Since then it has changed to other owners such as Boahne family, as well as, Barros family. Nowadays it belongs to the Spanish company, Sogevinus Fine Wines.

This wine has a brownish color and an aroma with dried fruits, honey and apricot. In the mouth it’s a very silky wine, with good complexity and persistent. Usually I prefer Kopke White 10 years old although this one is pretty nice.


Cockburn’s Special Reserve

2012-12-07 13.18.14Cockburn’s was founded in 1815 by Robert Cockburn, a former soldier of the British army who fought in Portugal against the French army.

Cockburn’s history will always be related to the launch of a Special Reserve label in 1969. Since then the quality of Port grapes increased a lot and the demand of a new kind of vintage – the vintage character style has born. Nowadays belongs to the Symington family.

Cockburn’s Special Reserve has a medium dark ruby color, a clean aroma with lots of balance and dark plums intensity. Beautiful texture, tannins and persistence. It deserves more attention in Portugal.


Sandeman Apitif White and 10 years old tawny

The House of Sandeman was founded in London in 1790 by George Sandeman, who brought to the wine business lots of new ideas such as a kite of fire with a name, a label and advertisement of his wines and the “Sandeman Don”, one of the first brand images created.  Sandeman was bought by Sogrape in 2002.

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Sandeman Apitiv White has a light straw color with floral aromas and dried fruits, such as nuts. Fresh and soft.


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Sandeman 10 years old has an amber color with dried fruits aroma. Nuts, hazelnuts, dried figs. Spiced. Intense palate with freshness.


Offley Rosé and LBV 2008

Offley, once belonging to Forester & C ª. is nowadays property of Sogrape, the biggest wine company in Portugal. This brand is one of the leaders in Portugal as well as one of the largest exporters in the sector to the international market.

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Offley Port Rosé has a light pink color and a tropical aroma. Balanced and fresh has also tropical flavor giving it too much sweetness my taste.


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Offley Late Bottled Vintage Port 2008 has an intense ruby color and an aroma where we can find lots of ripe fruit, wood and spices. Well structured and lots of fruit in the mouth. Nice persistence.