Quinta da Romaneira Vintage 1985

Quinta da Romaneira Vintage 1985

Romaneira is one of the most important estates of Douro valley which limits if we can say occupy a huge quantity of ha near the Douro river.

From a very interesting year this vintage wine from Romaneira estate had better years. We can say that is full of dried fruits, spices and it’s very smooth although it isn’t my kind of vintage. Usually I prefer Powerfull new vintages or complex ones from older years.




Quinta do Vale Meão Vintage 2008

Setembro 2012 - Douro 075Concerning the winery already wrote about it recently although this Vintgae is from 2008 and also from Douro Superior. A hot region based in the North of Portugal, right in Pocinho. With a dark purple color and fruit aroma full of blackberries, strawberries, raspeberries and spices this wine has firm tannins, fruity flavour and nice persistence. Would like to taste in some years.



Quinta do Vale Meão Vintage 2000

Setembro 2012 - Douro 090

Since 1896 in the hands of D. Antónia Adelaide Ferreira descendents belongs from 1994 till now to F. Olazabal & Filhos Lda. Francisco (Vito) and his sons, Francisco (Xito) and Luísa manage all the work related to the wine estate and they’ve being doing a good job as we can see and hear when people talk about Quinta do Vale Meão.

Quinta do Vale Meão Vintage 2000 is a wine with 12 years old, then very young,. With closed aromas and dark black ink color. Fruity aroma with plenty strawberries, caramelized fruit and mint. A luscious wine, soft but with enough acidity.





Crasto Vintage 1985

Since 1615 that Quinta do Crasto is known by its existence being awarded as feitoria in 1761. We can see some granitic markers throughout the estate which symbolize the original demarcation since 1758. In the beginning of the XX century, Constantino de Almeida, great grandfather of the actual owners, bought the estate and founded a Port wine house known for their labels as “Constantino’s”. Nevertheless, in 1994 they began to produce still wines and they’ve been doing their best belonging also to Douro Boys partnership.

Concerning this Vintage Port from 1985, we can see that it has a developed ruby color with brownish hints. Pine needles, sour cherry, spices and ripe red fruit aromas. In the mouth we can feel that’s perfect to drink with elegance and persistence. Altough it isn’t my kind of vintage.



Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo Vintage 2009

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo is an ancient wine estate at Douro Valley based in Cima Corgo region which was till recent years property of Burmester but was bought by Grupo Amorim (world leader in cork supplies) and now has also a beautiful wine hotel.

This recent vintage from 2009 has the usual deep ruby color of the vintage Ports and an intense aroma of red and black fruits. In the palate we’re able to feel a great texture, with chocolate, spices and strawberries. Endless finish.